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“Infinite” Has a Finite Meaning

Shut up. Sit down. Uncle Rob has finished Infinite Jest, and is tired of hearing your whimpering about the ending and the whimpering about “What does it all mean?” So settle in. Pour yourself a drink. And listen to the … Continue reading

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Nerd Prom 2011: Hostage Situation

The San Diego Comic-Con is an exhausting endeavor – four and a half days of non-stop events, panels, celebrity sightings, freak photography, and waiting endlessly on line for the things that a normal American takes for granted as simple sustenance, … Continue reading

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Shaky Logical Ground

Unlike similar disasters that have happened in recent years, there’s something about this one that doesn’t seem real. And that thing is that eighteen full hours have passed as of this writing, and yet Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps and their asshole buddies (And you can use whichever meaning of the phrase “asshole buddies” you like in this context) haven’t grabbed the first microphone they could find to say that it happened because Jesus, the Prince of Peace, hates us. Continue reading

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Derp Technician

I defy you to find two pictures where Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker doesn’t look like he’s either about to shyly announce his love of “chokmit chippehs” or playing a rousing game of Duck Duck I Pissed My Pants. If not both simultaneously. Continue reading

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Learning To Flinch

“In South Korea, teachers are known as ‘nation builders.’ That’s what they’re — that’s how they’re described.” Big fucking deal. In South Korea, cocker spaniels are known as “antipasto” Continue reading

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